Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scribble Picnic: Hot Chocolate

Every afternoon after school, Charlie would venture off into the woods behind his grandpa's house to play with his new friend, Olaf the bear. They loved playing hide-n-seek with Olaf's woodland friends. Afterwards, they would carry berries to the rabbits across the river, buckets of nuts to the squirrels and then shared delicious cups of hot chocolate at the end of the day. Charlie couldn't imagine his world without Olaf. He was the perfect friend...

With that said, please welcome Charlie and Olaf to the picnic. Olaf has brought his favorite peach cobbler pie while Charlie brought along a jug of his grandma's secret hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint. Mmmm.....divine! Me? Oh yes, I've packed a little basket of multiple goodies to make up for missing the last few picnics. There are mini raisin scones, chocolate croissants, snicker-doodles and my favorite....manchego cheese biscuits!'s getting a little nippy out. Grab your warm coats and cozy scarfs. Let's snuggle up around Olaf's warm fire and toast to a wonderful new year.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Maxine's New Friend & a Special Announcement

Maxine....she's not quite sure about that bear. Does he really just want to be friends? A cute doodle I started working on a little over a week ago. If you visit my Instagram, you can see where this illustration started compared to where it landed in its finished stage. Can you spot the differences? :)

In other news, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now an Ambassador for the Manuscript Pen Company located in the U.K. Do you remember those daily sketches I did back in October of last year? Well, they love my work and I'm collaborating with them a bit more and will be attending some upcoming events with the first one in Dallas, Texas this coming March. I'm super excited and looking forward to sharing more about this in the coming days.

For now...happy Friday, everyone! Wishing you a lovely weekend.
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